The Class VI Rule requires owners or operators to develop and maintain an Emergency and Remedial Response Plan that describes actions to be taken to address events that could potentially cause endangerment to a USDW during the construction, operation, and PISC phases of a project [40 CFR 146.82(a)(19); 146.94]. 

The purpose of the UIC Program’s evaluation of the Emergency and Remedial Response Plan is to ensure expeditious and appropriate responses to protect USDWs from endangerment should an emergency event occur. The UIC Program should ensure that procedures are in place to address the potential endangerment to all identified resources near the well, based on site-specific information including site geology, the extent of the AoR, and operating conditions. 

Source: Environmental Protection Agency. (2018, January). Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Class VI Implementation Manual for UIC Program Directors.  Page 103-104. Retrieved from