Permit applicants must submit a proposed pre-operational formation and well testing program that describes how they will test the well and analyze the chemical and physical characteristics of the injection and confining zones [40 CFR 146.82(a)(8); 146.87]. 

The purpose of the UIC Program’s review of the proposed pre-operational testing program is to confirm that all tests required at 40 CFR 146.87 are planned and designed to collect the information needed to verify that the well is properly constructed; gather information on subsurface formations and fluid geochemistry; and address identified uncertainties. The UIC Program should also confirm that the pre-operational formation testing program, as proposed, will provide information to support the setting of operating conditions of the permit, provide inputs for modeling to delineate the final AoR (or confirm the assumptions on which the preliminary AoR delineation modeling was based), and establish a baseline for parameters that will be measured during the injection and post-injection phases. 

Source: Environmental Protection Agency. (2018, January). Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Class VI Implementation Manual for UIC Program Directors.  Page 85. Retrieved from