Class VI permit applicants must submit proposed schematics and construction procedures for the injection well [40 CFR 146.82(a)(11),(12); 146.86]. 

The purpose of the UIC Program’s evaluation of well construction information is to ensure that the injection well will be constructed in a manner that is appropriate to planned operations, is compatible with the carbon dioxide and subsurface chemistry, and will maintain integrity throughout its duration. Reviewing proposed injection well construction plans is necessary to ensure that the proposed well materials and cement have adequate strength and design appropriate to the site-specific conditions; and to confirm injectate and formation fluid compatibility. 

In addition, the EPA recommends reviewing the procedures for constructing monitoring wells with similar considerations for subsurface conditions to ensure that the monitoring wells will not become conduits for fluid movement. See Section 4.1.11 for additional information on evaluating the construction of wells for projects operating under injection depth waivers. 

Source: Environmental Protection Agency. (2018, January). Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Class VI Implementation Manual for UIC Program Directors.  Pages 80-81. Retrieved from